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NIVCOMP leveler

NIVCOMP leveler

Price zł2,337.98
zł1,900.80 tax excl.
The measuring fluid of the 0.5L leveler

The measuring fluid of the...

Price zł87.82
zł71.40 tax excl.
Tripod SJJ-M1 (with adapter 1/4 ", 5/8") 182cm

Tripod SJJ-M1 (with adapter...

Price zł178.69
zł145.28 tax excl.
Topcon RL-H4C laser leveler + tripod + patch

Topcon RL-H4C laser leveler...

Price zł4,415.70
zł3,590.00 tax excl.
NL500 laser level + tripod + patch

NL500 laser level + tripod...

Price zł4,046.70
zł3,290.00 tax excl.
Aluminum tripod SJJ1, with a flat head

Aluminum tripod SJJ1, with...

Price zł183.27
zł149.00 tax excl.
Aluminum tripod Nivel System SJJ4 (clamps + screws

Aluminum tripod Nivel...

Price zł429.27
zł349.00 tax excl.
NL300 laser level + tripod + patch

NL300 laser level + tripod...

Price zł2,447.70
zł1,990.00 tax excl.
Optical leveler N24x + tripod + patch

Optical leveler N24x +...

Price zł848.70
zł690.00 tax excl.
Topcon AT-B4A optical leveler

Topcon AT-B4A optical leveler

Price zł1,217.70
zł990.00 tax excl.
Telescopic patch 5m, Nivel System TS-50

Telescopic patch 5m, Nivel...

Price zł146.37
zł119.00 tax excl.
Nivel System NL300 laser leveler

Nivel System NL300 laser...

Price zł2,324.70
zł1,890.00 tax excl.